Master Classes Taught By Marlene Delavan

Posted by admin on January 21, 2013

UPDATE (25 Jan 2013): Due to the inclement weather, Friday night's master class with Marlene Delavan has tentatively been rescheduled to Sunday from 2-5pm. Saturday's master class is currently expected to occur as planned.

Triangle Opera Studios is proud to sponsor a two-day series of master classes by voice teacher Marlene Delavan.

Ms. Delavan was the first to teach Christine Weidinger, founder and director of TOS. Delavan also taught her son, dramatic baritone Mark Delavan. Both singers have enjoyed major careers taking them to the world’s top opera houses.

Ms. Delavan will hold classes this coming Friday and Saturday (January 25 and 26) at Hope Valley Baptist Church in southwest Durham, next door to Jordan High and up the hill from Southpoint shopping complex. Tuition to sing for Ms. Delavan is $60 – including the fee for accompanist David Kelsey. Those who simply wish to observe will be charged only $10. Checks should be made out to “Triangle Opera Studios” or “TOS”. 

Christine Weidinger is a member of the choir at Hope Valley Baptist and her husband, Ken Smith, is Director of Music Ministries there. The church has been a generous supporter of TOS projects since the our inception.

Ms. Weidinger says of her teacher: “I began vocal studies with Marlene when I was a sophomore at Grand Canyon College in Phoenix. Within three years, she transformed me from an acceptable ‘choir singer’ into a prize-winner in numerous important competitions. I eventually won the Met Opera national first prize and a Met contract. From there I was able to launch a career that took me to most of the world’s major opera theaters in starring roles.”

“Am I bragging here? No – not really. Because the truth is, none of this good stuff would have happened to me had I not been lucky enough to have had Marlene as my first teacher. I am also not bragging when I say that during my career, I was able to pull off things most of my colleagues could not do – sing ‘un-singable’ roles and maintain ‘impossible’ schedules. These things were not because of any extraordinary talent; I was taught by Marlene Devalan to use my voice so that I could do this stuff.”  

“Frankly, any serious student of singing or teacher of voice in the community should plan to attend one or more of these sessions! Marlene is gifted with an instinct to ‘feel’ a voice – to sense physically what it can do and what it might not be doing to realize its full potential. No matter what your philosophy of vocal technique, you will benefit from her vocal wisdom.”

If you would like to sing for Ms. Delavan, call Ms. Weidinger at 910 318 4205 as soon as possible. No advance notice is required to observe.

About Triangle Opera Studios

Triangle Opera Studios (TOS) is a non-rofit organization designed to offer performance opportunities to singers in the Triangle community who show potential to make successful careers as professional performing artists.

TOS seeks to bridge that wide gap between the voice studio and the professional stage for aspiring professionals and offer the public quality opera performances at little or no cost. Our singers are not paid to perform nor are they charged outrageous tuitions to take part in our activities. Participants have only been asked to help defray some of the production costs in return for the opportunity to perform under expert supervision.